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Jambalaya and the Cajun Holy Trinity

Straight from Louisiana, this one pot dish of sausage, shrimp, rice and tomatoes is accented with the right blend of herbs, spices and the Cajun vegetable trinity. ...

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    Do high restaurant and grocery bills have you rethinking your food spending habits? Consider the benefits of home cooking on your bottom line.
  • Chicken Pot Pie with Mashed Potato Topping
    This weeknight comfort food has all the ingredients of chicken pot pie except for the pastry. Instead, it’s topped with some tasty, baked mashed potatoes.
  • Beef Bourguignon Simplified
    You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make this classic French beef stew with carrots, onions, mushrooms and herbs simmered in Burgundy wine and broth.
  • Roasted Lemon Chicken with Rosemary Potatoes
    A traditional Mediterranean dish of tender, juicy chicken roasted together with potatoes, lemon, garlic and rosemary, based on the Greek kotopoulo lemonato.
  • Welsh Leek & Potato Soup
    Leeks and potatoes are simmered in a seasoned stock then puréed. Cream and chives are added for a smooth finish to this robust soup.
  • Ketchup Maison (Fruit Chili Sauce)
    Also known as ketchup aux fruit or fruit chutney, the best of late summer fruits and garden tomatoes are preserved in this homestyle favourite.
Kevin Lamoureux
Kevin Lamoureux

Food writer and photographer/videographer with a passion for food culture, travel and home cooking.

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