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A Discovery Tour of Portugal | Share
A land, so enchanted and endearing comes in a small package.  

Yes, Portugal is not a large country, but has such a rich culture and history.  Visitors will be amazed at how many breathtaking sights they can see on a relatively short holiday. Portugal’s ties to the sea are evident in its cuisine that features a diverse selection of seafood dishes.  Traditionally cod was eaten so regularly that locals joke that they have 365 ways to prepare it.  Some of the more unique foods that I enjoyed while in Portugal were, Cataplana, Iberian Pork, Pastel de Nata, and of course, a little port after dinner.

Enjoy this scenic and informative tour that includes the best of Portugal with highlights of Lisbon, Belem, Sintra, Cascais, The Algarve Coast, Porto and the Douro Valley.

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