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Have you been put on a “soft foods only” diet?

For any number of reasons, you may be searching for soft food recipe ideas. People are often put on a “soft foods only” diet by their health care professionals for medical reasons. In my case, I recently had a wisdom tooth extracted and my dentist gave me a general idea of foods to avoid and which foods were acceptable to eat after the surgery.

That left me wondering what options I had and how I would ensure I was getting proper nutrition. I also wanted to keep the meals interesting and palatable, especially because I do the cooking in the household.

I’ve looked over the recipes on this website and listed those that could be considered by anyone looking for something gentle on the mouth. This also includes many denture wearers.

Please keep in mind, this list has not been approved by a medical professional and some recipes my require tweaking to remove certain ingredients that might cause issues.  An example being fresh ground pepper which could be replaced with fine ground pepper or just no pepper at all. You may also consider reducing or removing spices as they may cause irritation in your mouth.

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