American Main Course Recipes

Southern Fried Chicken: The Secret is Out

Irresistibly juicy chicken pieces with a crispy coating seasoned with eleven herbs and spices.

Canadian Dessert Recipes

Granny’s Butter Tarts

This iconic Canadian pastry tart is filled with butter, sugar, syrup, egg and raisins, then baked until the filling has gelled. It is celebrated with yearly festivals in Ontario’s cottage country.

Italian Recipes Salad Vegetarian

Italian Bean Salad

The combination of green beans, chickpeas, red onion and a zesty marinade make this chilled veggie dish ideal for summer gatherings.   

Recipes Side Dish Vegetarian

Butter-Braised Brussels Sprouts

First steamed then braised in butter, this recipe enhances the flavour, reduces the bitterness and makes a wonderful presentation for the often-maligned Brussels sprout.

Recipes Vegetarian

Back to Basics: How to Make Bread

Follow these steps for no-fail delicious golden-brown homemade white bread. If you have one, use a machine for kneading the dough. Makes three loaves.

American Precooked Ingredients Recipes

Chicken Tetrazzini

This hearty casserole of diced chicken, pasta and vegetables is baked in a creamy cheese sauce. Don’t let the Italian name fool you, this dish was actually invented by Ernest Arbogast, chef at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco in honour of a famous opera star.  At the height of her career as a sellout…

American Eastern European Recipes

Cabbage Noodles

This simple one pot dish of buttery egg noodles with sautéed cabbage makes a perfect side for many Eastern European meals. I first came across these tasty cabbage noodles at a wonderful Hungarian restaurant in New York’s north country where they were served as an appetizer. This national dish of Slovakia is known as haluski…

American Recipes

Jambalaya and the Cajun Holy Trinity

This one pot Cajun dish is a hearty spicy stew of sausage, shrimp, tomatoes, rice and the trinity of celery, bell pepper and onion. Most attribute the French heritage of the Louisiana bayou people to coining the name for this dish. The enslaved Africans living in of the area used the word “ya” for rice…

American Recipes

Pork Chops in a Zesty Tomato Sauce

Tender pork chops baked in a tomato and lemon sauce.

French Recipes Seafood

Salmon with Pernod

Salmon fillet baked with subtle flavours of anise and fennel and a buttery Pernod sauce. One of the best ways to experience French culture is by shopping at the outdoor markets and specialty shops found throughout France. The vibrant colours and aromas are sure to please the senses. Listening to the vendors and shoppers speaking…