Cabbage Noodles

This simple one pot dish of buttery egg noodles with sautéed cabbage makes a perfect side for many Eastern European meals.

Its castle dominates the skyline in Bratislava, Slovakia

I first came across these tasty cabbage noodles at a wonderful Hungarian restaurant in New York’s north country where they were served as an appetizer. This national dish of Slovakia is known as haluski or galuska across Eastern Europe. Traditionally, dumplings made of potato and flour are used but most American cooks have adapted the egg noodles for simplicity.

Cabbage Noodles
Cabbage Noodles
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
This simple one pot dish of buttery sautéed cabbage and egg noodles makes a perfect side for many Eastern European meals.
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Eastern European
Servings: 4
Calories: 285 kcal
Author: Kevin Lamoureux
  • ½ head of cabbage chopped (about 4 cups)
  • 6 oz. egg noodles about 2 cups before cooking
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil
  • 1 tbsp dry onion soup mix
  • ½ tsp caraway seeds
  • ½ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
  • ½ tsp paprika
  1. Cook the noodles according to package instructions, drain and set aside.
  2. While noodles are cooking, fry the cabbage with butter and oil on medium heat in a wok or a deep pan.
  3. Stir the cabbage frequently, and cook for about 15 minutes until lightly browned
  4. Stir in the soup mix, caraway, black pepper and paprika and heat for about 1 minute.
  5. Add the noodles and heat the mixture for about 1 minute.
  6. Remove from the heat, cover and let stand for a few minutes before serving.
Recipe Notes

You may think that the cabbage to noodle ratio is off at the start but once both are cooked, the balance is right (for my liking). 

You can turn this into a main course dish by adding chopped bacon or sausage along with  chopped onion and peas.

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